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St. Paul Malmesbury Without Parish Council  

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(The many tasks of a Parish or Town Councillor)

The Parish of St. Paul Malmesbury Without consists of two wards: the Westport ward (to the south west of the town in orange on the map) and the St. Paul ward (to the East of town in purple on the map). It covers the settlements of Milbourne, Cowbridge Mills, Corston, the Foxley & Common Roads and Rodbourne, Buckley Barracks and Kingsheath to name but a few.

Parish Councillors are voted into office in an election every 4 years. The councillors volunteer their time for free. The Parish clerk is a paid employee of the Parish Council. Parish Councils raise a "precept" which is a demand on local Council Tax payers. Wiltshire Council add it to the other precepts from Police, Fire etc.
The 'precept' money is then collected from all Council Tax payers and given to the Parish Council to spend on their areas of responsibility. Parish councils currently have a limited number of duties but they all impact directly on the community.

Latest Parish News

Temporary Closure of: Footpath 22, Malmesbury Without (Ref: TTRO 7767)

Footpath 22, from A429 Malmesbury leading east including the spur at Copse View until its junction with Footpath 23


June 2022

Notice is hereby given that the Wiltshire Council has made an Order to close temporarily to all users:

Footpath 22, Malmesbury Without; from A429 leading east including the spur at Copse view until its junction with Footpath 23 Malmesbury Without.

To enable: Groundworks associated with new dwelling construction pursuant to planning permission for 27 dwellings.

Alternative routes: via Footpath 23, Malmesbury Without - B4042 and vice versa. The closure and diversion route will be clearly indicated by traffic signs.

This Order which was due to expire on 14 June 2022 will now continue into force until 14 December 2022 or until completion of the works, whichever is earliest. It is anticipated the closure will be required for 06 months. The Order will have a maximum duration of 06 months. 

For further information or for details of the diversion route please contact Green Square Homes Ltd Martin Bance 07813 629072 or Countryside Access Officer Stephen Leonard 07771 721255. 

Sustainable Transport Group, County Hall, Bythesea Road, Trowbridge BA14 8JN 

16 June 2022

Cowbridge Permissive Path



June 2022

The Council is very pleased with the surfacing of the Cowbridge Permissive Path, joining footpath MALW17 to MALW13, which was undertaken by Reeds Construction and Engineering in May.  The path is nicely cambered with a nice level finish and is a full 3 metres wide, so pedestrians and cyclists can safely pass.  Hopefully it will be well used.   

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