Parish Councillors are voted into office in an election every 4 years. The councillors volunteer their time for free. The Parish clerk is a paid employee of the Parish Council. Parish Councils raise a "precept" which is a demand on local Council Tax payers. Wiltshire Council add it to the other precepts from Police, Fire etc.

The 'precept' money is then collected from all Council Tax payers and given to the Parish Council to spend on their areas of responsibility. Parish councils currently have a limited number of duties but they all impact directly on the community.

If you wish to contact one of the councillors, then please use the form on the contact us page. The councillors have also indicated (in brackets) where they live.

Please note that although elected, councillors are essentially unpaid volunteers, and so while we may not be able to deal with your issue immediately we will do our best.

The current councillors are as follows: