There are a number of processes, procedures and codes of conduct, that provide the framework within which the Council operates, and these are:

  • the Council Standing Orders - these govern the code of conduct of the Council

    • the Council Financial Regulations- these govern the financial management of the Council

  • the General Privacy Policy - this describes the personal information we gather and how we use it

    • Health & Safety + Risk Assessment - evidence of these assessments having been undertaken

    • Data Protection Procedure -

    • Diversity & Equality Statement -

  • These documents are available below.

The Council, under its Standing Orders, is compliant with the Freedom of Information Act, the Data Protection Act, and has a robust Complaints Procedure in place.

Data Protection Procedures

Diversity and Equality Statement_October 2020

Financial Regulations_September 2020

H&S and RA policies


Code of Conduct

Standing Orders 10Nov2022

Emergency Plan

General Privacy Policy_February 2023