Parish Council
Parish Council

The Parish of St. Paul Malmesbury Without consists of two wards: the Westport ward (to the south west of the town in orange on the map) and the St. Paul ward (to the East of town in purple on the map). It covers the settlements of Milbourne, Cowbridge Mills, Corston, the Foxley & Common Roads and Rodbourne, Buckley Barracks and Kingsheath to name but a few.

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Footpaths in the Parish

Wiltshire council produce a map with all the rights-of-way, footpaths and bridleways. This is a very interesting resource, and is well worth a look to see what hidden footpaths our Parish has to offer. It can be found here (although you need to search for Malmesbury, and zoom in to get to a sensible level of detail).

Parish History

Please visit our Parish History subpage for a running history of the last 200 years of our Parish. It also contains a very high definition historical map of the area.

The Establishment of the Corston and Rodbourne War Memorial

The War Memorial will be renovated in 2016/17. Our War Memorial sub pagedescribes how the memorial came about.