The Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 set out a new audit framework for, amongst others, Parish Councils with an annual turnover not exceeding £25,000. This Act is also known as the Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities, and it applies to this Parish Council.

The Annual Governance Statement consists of a response from the Council to an internal control questionnaire (AGAR 1), the financial accounts for the year (AGAR 2) and the internal audit report. These statements are examined by the external auditor who issues a report on them.

The key items that need to be published are:

  • Annual Governance Statement
  • The Asset Register
  • The External Auditor's report
  • The Notice of Public Rights
  • Annual CIL Report
  • All items of expenditure over £100 (quarterly) - Transparency Code

These items are found in the folders below.

Should you have any specific questions or queries as they relate to the financial matters of the Parish contained in the folders below, then do please go to the "Contact us" tab on this website and submit your question or query. They will be dealt with by either the Clerk, or the Chair and a response provided.

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